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I'm the person your mother warned you about that will absolutely starting talking to you in the grocery store line. I'm sorry, I can't help it. I have a knack for connecting with humans and I think every interaction is worthwhile. 

I love people and the experiences that make them unique. I feel incredibly lucky to have a career that has allowed me to bring so many of those stories to life. TLDR, I'm just a detail oriented, wickedly organized woman from Austin, Texas who has a healthy cold brew addition and I've genuinely never met a needle in a haystack that I didn't enjoy the process to find. 

My hustle? Unheard of. Just give me the right dance floor. Oh yeah, and my work ethic is decent too. I thrive in controlled chaos, just don’t be surprised when I master the science, given enough reins.

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Therese did an incredible job producing yet another gifting campaign! She handled an extremely challenging project and its unforeseeable shifts with grace and a positive attitude, while managing many relationships and expectations across all functions. She is a true expert in her role & her knowledge of not only digital but consumer moments is unsurpassed! She a true expert in this space and her upfront knowledge was incredibly critical in this project and it being a success from start to end.

Brand Partner, Marketing Manager NIKE

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She is always solution oriented,  incredibly knowledgeable, super organized, and she knows how to make things happen.  On top of that, she's always positive.  It’s such a gamechanger in stressful situations to have people who can lift the room and make others believe we can accomplish our goals.  Don’t ever lose that.

Former Client, VP Digital Commerce Adidas

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"Therese possesses extraordinary resiliency and enthuses positivity in everyone she works with. She has a passion for people, creative or otherwise, with an apparent will to see projects to success through communication and comradery. Her flexibility, work ethic, and warm-hearted consideration for her teammates will always be needed. I also appreciate while working with her that there is never a dull moment."

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